LSWA's April 2015 Meeting

Welcome to all of our new club members and guests!

Our April 25th, 2015 club meeting will feature a very special road trip to view the artwork at DaVinci Artists Gallery in Tomball, Texas. DaVinci Artists Gallery is located at 315 West Main Street in Tomball, Texas 77377. Phone: 281-516-9595. The gallery viewing will begin at 9:00 a.m.

Join Us to View the Beautiful Artwork
at DaVinci Artists Gallery!

Come and enjoy the many different types of artwork on display at DaVinci Artists Gallery in Tomball, Texas. Our very own board member Brian Greb is the Director at the gallery. Brian will be giving a brief talk about the gallery and the fine artwork shown there.

He will also be highlighting some of the very talented artists that are featured in the gallery. This will be a great opportunity for you to view not only artistic woodturnings, but many other types of art as well. 

Map link to Davinci Artists Gallery

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by the beautiful artwork and to see how different artists are pushing their creative boundaries in the visual arts.

Brian GrebBrain Greb, Gallery Director - DaVinci Artists Gallery

Brian Greb
Artist Bio

Brian is for the most part a self taught artist; his only formal training in art came from grammar school and high school art classes. In these formative years, Brian had the tendency to reel against “the rules” and push boundaries toward his own style. Upon completion of High School, Brian, like many in the past, decided to embark on a journey of self discovery (this is a very nice way to say he floated from job to job).

This journey took an interesting turn when Brian joined the U.S. Navy. The Navy gave Brian the necessary skills to be a leader and problem solver in new ways. Brian’s time in the military meted an unexpected dose of reality on September 11, 2001…He received his deployment orders at the very minute the second tower was hit. With a sense of urgency and deeper pride in his country, he pressed harder at all of his passions. 

After discharge from the military, Brian decided to immerse himself into the carpentry field. Woodworking is a craft skill Brian has shown an aptitude for since he was a young child. Brian quickly moved from building and restoring houses to building and restoring furniture, rediscovering and revealing in them timeless treasures. The entry of furniture design in to his lexicon is the tipping point that unlocked the creativity that had been burred in his soul.

With the creation of new artful furniture flowing from his hand Brian quickly found him self yearning to sculpt and paint once again. Since this eureka moment, Brian has thrown himself headlong in to the art world; he has shown at a multitude of group art shows in Houston, curated shows for fellow artists, is on the Board of Directors for Lone Star Woodturners Association.

Brian is also an awarded artist and has coordinated and directed Art Contests. Last, but not least, he is the Director at DaVinci Artists Gallery in Tomball, Tx. On the horizon for Brian is a new "shoppe" at The Texas Renaissance Festival, and the creation of new, ever progressing Art work.

Da Vinci Artists Cooperative Gallery

DaVinci Artists Gallery is a collection of artists from the Northwest area of Houston, who express themselves in a variety of media. Our goals are to build an audience and support established and emerging artists. We are located in the heart of downtown Tomball, TX helping to make buying local rewarding and strolling down Main Street a pleasure.

Invite your woodturning friends: Please invite any of your woodturning friends who you think may be interested in joining our club. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (Steve) at 713-826-0046 Cell. I will look forward to seeing you all at DaVinci Artists Gallery. Take care and best wishes to you and yours!

Steve Russell
LSWA President