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How to Make a Hollow Form Chip Catcher

Christopher K. Hartley - Copied the design from The Kelton Hollower Video where Alby Hall uses one to clear his hollow form of chips.

Dust Collector Stand From Mostly Surplus Parts

Christopher K. Hartley - Cheap way to build an efficient dust collector stand and hood.

How I Make Handles for Tanged Tools

Dan Forman - Dan is located in Eastern Washington. His interests include: artist, musician, photographer, woodworker. He is an active member of the Woodworking Forum, Sawmill Creek. We thank Dan for his contribution to our turning efforts.

Dennis Tholen's Lacquer Finishing Protocol

Lacquer Finishing - Printed handout from Dennis Tholen's finishing demonstration detailing his lacquer finishing techniques.

Dennis Tholen's Polyurethane Finishing Protocol

Poly Finish - Printed handout from Dennis Tholen's finishing demonstration detailing his polyurethane finishing techniques.

So, You Want a Vacuum System?

Christopher K. Hartley - One approach to building a vacuum system. Costs included.

Fabricate Your Own Medallion Wheel Cutter for Toy Wheels

Dan Weaver - Learn how to make your own toy wheels from a modified spade bit. Full project details with photos.

Brian Greb's Supply Sources from his LSWA Jewelry Turning Demo

Supply and tool sources from Brian's "Jewelry Turning" demonstration in September, 2012.

Brian Greb's Supply Sources from his CA Finishing Demo

Supply and tool sources from Brian's "CA Finishing" demonstration in March,  2013.

Andy Chen's Handout  on Basic Segmented Turning

Andy Chen's handout from his demo in February, 2013 on Basic Segmented Turning.

Andy Chen's Source for Low Cost Square Carbide Cutters

Andy Chen's Internet source for low cost square carbide cutters.

Texas A&M Forest Service Website for Texas Trees

This is a great website link to a Texas A&M website that helps identify Texas trees, complete with drawings and extensive information on each tree. Check it out!

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