February 2016 Meeting Information

Welcome to all of our new club members and guests! Our February 27th, 2016 club meeting will be held at the Woodcraft Store located at 60 FM 1960 West, Houston, TX 77090 Phone: 281-880-0045 starting promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Gary Barnes will present the demo for the February meeting. The demo will show how to turn a 3-piece stacking salt/spice box plus lid from a single blank and a single mounting. The roughly 3x3x6” blank is rounded between centers and a tenon is cut on one end.

After the blank is secured in the chuck, grooves are cut between each box and the lid, to form the tenon to fit into the box under it. Then, the lid is shaped, finished and parted off with a thin parting tool. 

The top “box” is then hollowed, finished and parted off, followed similarly by the remaining two. The last box is reversed after finishing, the tenon cut off and then the nub is sanded off the bottom of each and the bottom is finished.

Invite your woodturning friends: Please invite any of your woodturning friends who you think may be interested in joining our club. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a club officer. We will look forward to seeing you all at Woodcraft. Take care and best wishes to you and yours!

Terry Hennessy
LSWA Secretary

Communications Director